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Creative Problem Resolution Through Dialogue and Problem-Solving Negotiation Techniques Is What I Do ---
And It Is My Passion.


I have performed hundreds of mediations in the past 20 years mostly involving issues already in a litigation posture.  I have been involved in large complex mediations with numerous issues and lasting a number of years to successfully complete as well as matters that a mediated-solution was reached within hours.


My areas of practice are environmental and land use, commercial, real property, administrative and local government and personal injury law.


Just like trial work, the quality of the mediation will greatly determine the result.  By the time parties choose the mediation path, the easy potential settlement options have usually been explored.  


A good mediator will help parties identify, articulate and understand the benefits, detriments and risk of all reasonable settlement options some of which are likely to be new. Looking at a set of facts, laws and circumstances anew with a neutral perspective usually provides meaningful new insights.


Most importantly, at the end I want your client to recognize and appreciate your problem-solving skills.


In that light, look at the picture above with a new perspective.  The silhouette of the tree includes a person, my son Daniel Alvarez.  In case you are wondering, he is also an attorney working in Boulder, Colorado and  has a passion for the outdoors. A fresh look often pleasantly surprises.



Problem-solving conferences or informative meetings can often be made substantially more productive and successful by the aid of a qualified and experienced facilitator.  


Over the span of 20 years, I have facilitated numerous conferences for clients involving complex issues, from Everglades restoration projects, Florida Department of Education programs, to community disputes to explore viable alternatives, potential solutions and implement problem-solving concepts.


Conferences and meetings should have clearly expressed goals with formats and processes directed at achieving those goals.  How often have we left a meeting and silently asked, "What did that accomplish?", "Why did we hold that meeting?",  "Where are we heading with this?"


Internally or externally properly facilitated meetings usually negate those questions and energize and empower participants.



I teach mediation and negotiation techniques to individual lawyers and law firms.  I can work with attorneys to better understand negotiations and mediation concepts and make attorneys more effective in mediations and negotiations.


One to two hours sessions/classes/tutorials, individually or in group sessions and tailored to your needs, can make many lawyers much more skilled and effective in mediations and negotiations.


In case you are wondering, to my right are my two brothers, Cesar Alvarez and Arturo Alvarez, attorneys in Miami, a few years back in front of the Florida Supreme Court building.  I am the youngest of the group so my negotiation skills got tested early as we grew up.

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